Monday, June 22, 2009

Pan-fried Summer Squash

Nobody in my family likes summer squash, but me. I don't care. I'll cook it till the day I die.

Especially when it's cooked like how my mom used to make it, pan fried in butter, with lots of vidalia onions and topped with parmesean cheese. I don't care WHO you are, that's some good eatin.

onionsFirst - slice up a vidalia onion - or, if you are unlucky enough not to have vidalia onions where you are - any sweet onion will do. Start panfrying it up with a healthy dab of butter, with the burner set between medium - medium high.

While that's starting to cook, peel your squash. If it's really small, you can omit this step, but as they get larger the peel starts to turn bitter. Chop them up and add them to the onions.

parmeseanWhen they start to wilt a little bit, you can turn it down to medium and cover it with a lid. Continue to stir every few minutes, until it starts to brown and caramelize a bit.

When the onions and squash are good and wilted and have a nice, gooey texture to them, add a couple of tablespoons of grated parmesean cheese and salt and pepper to taste. Let the parmesean melt for a minute or two over the fire, then plate it.

MMMMmmmm. Good eat'n.


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